Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Little Prince

May 17, 2008

I call him, my little prince charming…with just one smile, he melts away all the aches and hurts in my body, mind and in my heart. He may not be able yet to tell us, Mama and Papa, I love you. But that smile that he reserves just for both of us says everything. And I could not want for anything more.

Today is his second therapy session with Teacher. At the beginning, he pleads and whines and cries. And a knot is forming in my heart as I stop myself from going inside and rescuing him. He has to learn on his own. He has to learn that he has to do things for himself, and by himself. Mama and Papa won’t always be there. The world is a much bigger place with much bigger things to do…And so as I strain to listen what goes on inside, wanting to know exactly what he is doing and how he is doing, I realize that in the real world, I can’t always see and know what goes on in his life.

Eventually, I have to let him grow and go….The crying has stopped…and after a while, he hums a little tune and teacher tries to sing with him…He repeats "ga-ga-ga". And it sounds like the song, "God loves me…God loves me, in the bible yes, it says that God loves me. " Sentimental as mothers can be, I am the worst of them all. I smile with all my heart fighting a single tear.

Then my little royalty comes out, I tell him, in not so many words, but in a language that only he and I can understand as I embrace him in the tightest possible way, "That will do my little prince, that will do."

(At the time of this writing, Garret just started Occupational Therapy with a therapist who has done wonders for him, Teacher Cathy after a month of being diagnosed with Autism. To Teacher Cathy, thanks again a thousand times over. ;-) )