Wednesday, February 13, 2013


in translation
If you will
The language here
is indecipherable
There is only fear
And the eternal
What would you
do if you knew
You would not fail?
Sometimes I just
Want to pack
My bags and
Take my boys
And run away
Some place safe
Where they are free
Where their roads
Will be paved
without pride
or prejudice
But where is that
Where on earth?
And these times
If only
I could take them
back to my womb
Turn back time
But there is only
The here and now
What must be faced
Must be faced, confronted
Even those who refuse
Refusal or fear
Same difference really
So how do I make
Sense of all of this?
I don't.
I let it be.
Because I am not
In control
Nobody ever is
And I dig hard
Dig deep
Where there is joy
Find that joy
The air that I breathe
The life that remains,
Through my veins
And perhaps I'll find
even peace
And this joy and
this peace will
Burn out all
the pain.